Top 10 Black Adam Storylines in DC Comics

After the success of Black Adam Movie starring Dwayne Johnson, many DC Comics fans are excited about the future of the antihero. Black Adam has a rich history filled with compelling storylines and unforgettable interactions for the DCU to draw on when the need arises.

First appearance in Marvel family #1(1945) as a co-creation of Otto Binder and CC Beck, Black Adam has received increasing attention in recent years. Talented comic creators have revealed new depths to Black Adam, capturing the magic of this venerable character with some excellent storylines.


JSA: Wild Times (2004)

Shazam beats Metamorpho.

JSA: Wild times is a unique Black Adam story and an excellent read for any fan of the black sheep of the Marvel family. Times depicts JSA members accidentally placed in the rule of Pharaoh Ramses II and encountering early incarnations of Black Adam, Nabu, and Hawk Girl. By uniting with Prince Khufu’s Justice Society of the Nineteenth Dynasty, the heroes seek to defeat the immortal villain, Vandal Savage.

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This revealing glimpse from a bygone era gives readers a Black Adam who bears few resemblances to the villainous antagonist banished by the wizard Shazam. Shows an important side of Black Adam, Times ends with a brief but profound interaction between today’s Black Adam and Captain Marvel, revealing another layer of the complex antihero.

JSA: Black Reign (2004)

Image of the Black Reign led by Black Adam

A crossover in between JSA and hawkmanthe Black domination The story begins with current Justice Society of America member Black Adam recruiting other members to undertake a mission to free Kahndaq from his oppression, by force if necessary. At this point, Black Adam is disenfranchised by the lack of proactive justice bestowed upon criminals and, seeing no other option, takes matters into his own Amun-run hands.

Clearly one of the core elements of Black Adam, his homeland of Kahndaq and the place it occupies will endure as long as he does. Tragically, this devotion to his country puts Adam at odds with superheroes and nations. Use black domination, Talented author Geoff Johns shows readers that Adam is still a driven warrior and protector while establishing crucial elements of Adam’s relationship with Atom Smasher in this core Black Adam storyline.

JSA: Black Vengeance (2004-05)

Group shot of JSA in Black Vengeanace

Covered with JSA no. 73, 74and 75the Black revenge The plot picks up on the events after Black domination story arc. Here Eclipso corrupts an outraged specter who lacks an earthly host and finds himself guilty of bringing evil, death and despair to the land of Kahndaq, and thus deserves judgment.

Black Adam will re-recruit obscure non-comics fanatic Atom Smasher, enlisting his help to defend his country from invasion by Eclipso and Specter and stop the JSA’s intervention. Geoff Johns once again demonstrates his comprehensive grasp of Black Adam’s character at the highest level by artistically building on Adam’s story in this electrifying tale.

Third World War (2007)

DC Black Adam WWIII image

Action packed series written by Keith Champagne, 3rd World War is a graphic and chilling spin-off story from the 52 Run and highlights the ramifications as the evil forces in existence use the vile Four Horsemen to snuff out the last flicker of Black Adam’s hope for peace and happiness.

Undoubtedly one of Black Adam’s best storylines, 3rd World War Poignantly shows readers a vengeful antagonist, Black Adam, who seeks revenge after the murder of his Black Marvel family. This required reading gives fans a taste of the power that flows through Black Adam and what happens when all hope is gone.

Black Adam: The Dark Ages (2007-08)

DC Black Adam The Dark Ages Image

A brutal, visceral storyline fueled by Black Adam’s internal monologue that acts as narration. Following 3rd World WarBlack Adam is a fugitive and war criminal desperate for any means to revive his beloved Isis, sending him on a daunting quest to find the scattered pieces needed to reforge her amulet and bring her back to life.

Additionally, artwork and color meld with Adam’s terse inner monologue, creating a story that finds Adam in uncharted territory, bereft of love. Not for the faint of heart, this story continues to forge Black Adam’s relentless determination and quest for reunion with his yin, Isis.

JSA Black Adam and Isis (2009)

DC Black Adam and Isis image

After finally being reunited with his love, Black Adam sadly discovers that after her revival, Isis has returned as an embittered and merciless ruler. The trauma Isis suffered at her death transformed her into a zealot who strives to cleanse the citizens and soil she once loved so dearly.

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After being brought to his senses by his “brother” Atom Smasher, Adam helps the JSA end the threat his loved one poses. Completion of his celebrated run Justice Society of America With a hard-hitting story, Geoff Johns writes another must-have addition about the complex, often polarizing protector Black Adam.

Shazam Volume 1 New 52 (2012-13)

DC Shazam Volume 1 New 52

Great care in shaping the origin story of Shazam following the new 52 Initiative, writer Geoff Johns guides the Marvel family into the new age of DC Comics. in the Shazam Vol. 1 New 52, Black Adam is freed by a desperate and power-hungry Doctor Sivana after being imprisoned by the wizard Shazam.

After the publication of The Seven Deadly Sins of Man, Black Adam attempts to claim the magical power within the Rock of Eternity. To do this, Adam must defeat the wizard’s new champion, Billy Batson, and seize his power. Finally as the first meeting between these iconic titans of the Marvel family after that flash point, Shazam Vol 1 certified as required reading on Black Adam in the new 52.

Black Adam: Year of the Villain #1 (2019)

DC Black Adam Year of the Villain

After the events of Batman/Superman, Black Adam: Year of the Villain #1 weaves a story of the effects of King Shazam the Infected laying claim to Kahndaq as his remodeling project. Interestingly, this demonstrative story shows the dreadfulness of the crablike Black Adam as a derivative of its citizens’ prayers.

Shows how far the reconstruction in him and his homeland has progressed since then 52 and 3rd World War, Villain #1 finally sees the anger and pain of the tragedies that befell him regarding his family subside. Here, Black Adam will do whatever it takes to stop the dark, twisted Shazam from taking his true family in this must-read story about the Marvel Family’s titular warrior.

Justice League: Endless Winter (2020)

DC Black Adam Endless Winter image

That Justice League: Endless Winter Storyline finds the Justice League locked in a struggle for survival with the ancient Frost King. After battling this ancient evil in 10th-century Egypt, Black Adam becomes an unwilling ally in this fight against the coming Ice Age. Showing the consequences of conflict-hungry action, winter is a story about writing down the mistakes of the past so the future can thrive, and showing how Black Adam can counteract that goal.

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Also serves as an introspective look at Black Adam and Hippolyta’s relationship, winter gives fans a backstory into the complicated and strained relationship between these immortal warriors. Undoubtedly recommended reading on the complex Black Adam, winter succeeds in depicting the stark moral and ethical differences between Black Adam’s definition of justice and that of his western superhero counterparts such as the Justice League.

Justice League: Prisms (2021)

Image of DC Justice League #60

While many are familiar with the darker exploits in Black Adam’s storylines, it’s worth noting that although often maligned, Adam has spent time as a member of respected superhero groups such as the Justice Society of America and the Justice League. Justice League: Prisms follows Black Adam’s partnership with the Justice League after repelling an attack by an interdimensional invader in Kahndaq.

Far away from 3rd World War, Adam has begun to realize that he can find meaning in his existence beyond his territorial limits. Written by the incomparable Brian Michael Bendis, prisms creatively shows that Adam’s past transgressions are not easily forgotten among superheroes. Finally an essential story for fans of powerhouse Naomi McDuffie, prisms deserves a spot on any list of the best Black Adam stories.

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