Why James Gunn is perfect for the DCU’s Justice League Dark

With Warner Bros. Discovery ushering in the changes, it was a most surprising element that James Gunn took a key role in shaping the DC movie verse. He did well The Suicide Squad and the peacemaker TV series that have fans and studio heads alike hoping he can bring stability.

So far there is an optimistic air with Black Adam did well at the box office and people were excited for the return of Henry Cavill as Superman. Interestingly, there is talk of Gunn already having a secret project in mind that could be linked to the events of Black Adam. This is nothing but justice league darkwhich, given Gunn’s repertoire, can become DC’s version of GGuardians of the Galaxy.

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James Gunn knows World Building inside out

James Gunn directs Contraxia in Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2

Marvel’s Guardian The franchise has allowed Gunn to plan two films, and a third is coming soon, focusing on Star-Lord, Drax, Mantis, and Gamora. They bounced around the world, with romantic stories and sadistic villains like Ego brought to light. Fans soaked in an action-packed star Trek-like story that went from Xandar to Knowhere to so many other places in the galaxy, giving that multiversal feel even before the Avengers brought the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtime travel into the mythos.

But during justice league dark being non-cosmic, Gunn can lead the likes of Constantine, Zatanna, Deadman, Jason Blood/Etrigan, Ragman, Swamp Thing, and Detective Chimp to unique realms. The setup is already there as Doctor Fate dies and the Helm of Nabu is looking for a new user Black Adam, allowing Gunn to send a diverse team through the supernatural chatter and running the gauntlet as happened with Star-Lord’s crew. The Upside Down Man’s seedy nightmare realm is a modern example, while Hell is another, not to mention the Dark Multiverse is now introducing other pockets that could represent a crisis – with Gunn’s creative vision ideal for the drama .

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James Gunn is great with ensembles and tones

Constantine, Deadman and Zatanna from the Justice League Dark

Gunn just knows how to handle big casts. His Guardian Team was quite extensive and he juggled them so well that fans are now excited to see Mantis in the Christmas special, as well as Nebula the Grinch. Not to mention that recent Disney+ shorts starring Groot left the die-hard in awe, all for a creature that doesn’t talk much. That’s Gunn’s magic at balancing multiple characters and paving the way for their own stories.

Gunn is also an expert at fusing comedy, action and horror as can be seen in his lyrics Scooby Doo and the bloody Slide which he directed. He even produced light burn, which dealt with an evil Superboy, so Gunn is diverse enough to change the tone and adjust his cast. In case of justice league dark, he can be more scary and push the limits like never before, especially since DC is poised for adult and violent content. This cinematic approach just feels like the better option given that JJ Abrams’ series is dead in the water after the HBO shuffle. Ultimately, Gunn is a crowd puller and intimate enough to bring to life a property that deserves to be shown on the big screen as a spectacle that could easily rival that Guardian made in space.


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