Will Titans introduce Constantine?

John Constantine is a well-known wizard in the DC Universe and Titans may be preparing to introduce the famous Hellblazer.

The following contains spoilers for Titans Season 4 Episode 4 “Super Super Mart” streaming on HBO Max.

Titans Season 4 once again focuses on magic and its place in the DC Universe. The series has introduced Jinx and even discussed Superman’s aversion to all things magical. However, while some fans were skeptical, it seems so Titans You might want to introduce one of the best wizards in DC Comics: John Constantine. The famous Hellblazer has been a fan favorite on and off the page for years Titans You might want to give him another on-screen appearance.

John Constantine has become a major figure in the DC Universe and has earned a prominent place in Justice League Dark. On television, he has been portrayed by Matt Ryan on several occasions on several shows. Constantine is a well-known trickster who tends to follow his own rules and make shady deals by manipulating those around him. Nevertheless, each of his decisions often serves the public good. Titans Bringing in Konstantin would be an interesting twist, although it could be another unnecessary attention to the sometimes cluttered series.

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John Constantine and the Titans

Matt Ryan as John Constantine in Arrow Season 4

In the first four episodes of the fourth season Titans Konstantin has already mentioned on various occasions. It seems odd that the series would go out of its way to mention a character it has no intention of ever bringing to the big screen. Even Superman is bound to make an appearance on screen with how much he’s been teased on the show. Some fans believe that Jinx was the wrong choice for the season’s mystical character and that it should have been Constantine or even Zatanna. It’s likely that Jinx was chosen over Constantine or Zatanna so she could continue teasing the Fearsome Five.

Constantine might actually be a good fit for the Titans. He is reckless, impulsive, and acts for the greater good even when his methods don’t make sense. He could have brought a more experienced perspective to the show and allowed the Titans to work with a famous DC hero who had known both Batman and Superman in their prime. Constantine would likely even have additional knowledge of Trigon and the Church of Blood that Jinx may not have. However, when Constantine joins the show, even there with Jinx, it seems redundant.

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Constantine would be too powerful for Mother Mayhem

Mother Mayhem Titans Season 4 hbo max

Mother Mayhem has shown some magical ability, but she would be no match for Constantine. Constantine has tricked demons and controlled some incredibly powerful magic. When he was brought in titans, it would be hard to justify not mopping the floor with Mother Mayhem the first time they met. It is possible that season 4 of Titans may be the last season of the show and the series may just want to go bust. You could introduce Constantine just to have him on the show and make the most of her final season on the air.

Titans doesn’t often talk about characters without intending to show the person on screen. John Constantine is a popular character and the series has already mentioned him by name twice. Its introduction would give the Titans a much-needed advantage over Mother Mayhem and Trigon. He is capable of wielding powerful magic and can even be too powerful for Mother Mayhem to handle. For all he has in his favor, his introduction could be a last-ditch effort to have a big, possibly final, season for the DC TV series.

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