Wonder Woman names the best superpower in DC lore

Wonder Woman has a ton of skills, but as she recruits a new Justice League team, she reveals the one power the team needs most.

Among all the heroes who have worked with the Justice League, there is one hero in particular whose abilities wonder woman believes that the team should never be without. There have been countless versions of the Justice League, but Diana has expressed the opinion that having a specific power at your disposal is tactically imperative.

Apparently, almost every version of the team features the DC Trinity itself: Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. In addition, there were a small handful of other recurring names and faces that can be seen in most forms on the team. Flash, Aquaman, Green Lantern, and Martian Manhunter are the big names that rarely disappear from the list for long. However, only one of them is considered undeniably essential by Wonder Woman.


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in the Justice League of America #1 by Brad Meltzer and Ed Benes, Wonder Woman, Superman and Batman discuss which heroes to invite to the restructured team. As the DC Trinity begins recruiting new members, an image of Wally West’s Flash shows up, but Batman merely uses it as a placeholder for his real choice, Bart Allen (although Jay Garrick’s name also comes up as a potential recruit). Wonder Frau argues that the individual is less important than the powerhouse and that the team needs a Flash-level speedster more than any other specific power.

Why is Flash so important?

Flash Justice League

It makes sense that Wonder Woman would consider a speedster so important given that Flash often takes on the job of protecting civilians and keeping them safe. This is the primary function of the Justice League, and while Superman is also super fast, he can’t match the Flash, and his other powers are often necessary to act as a front line against a specific threat. Flash is also able to picture every battlefield and threat before they even had time to notice him. Ahead of all his other abilities, Flash actually gives the team an unparalleled tactical advantage as a hero lets the team know what’s in store for them and allows them to break free by clearing out the people they are supposed to be protecting.

In addition, the Flash’s Speed ​​Force provides many offensive powers, and its Infinite Mass Strike can even rival Superman’s strength. In many ways, Flash can be considered one of the Justice League’s most powerful teammates, and Wonder Woman is absolutely correct in identifying him as a possessor of powers no version of the team should be without.

Wally West’s importance goes beyond his powers, however. The Flash is useful to the Justice League for the same reason the Flash is useful to the DC Universe as a whole: it is a symbol of hope for the world. When Wally West calls herself in Justice League: Road to Dark Crisis #1he is “the ‘hope’ guy.” When all is lost and things are looking bleak, he can offer a joke or a touch of optimism to give hope not only to civilians but to other heroes as well when they need it. While wonder woman Although Wally West may have voted for Flash based on his powers, he has proven himself many times since, proving that Diana was right on more than one count when she insisted the team needed the fastest man alive.

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