Addison Rae’s father Monty Lopez claims he’s divorced Sheri Easterling

Addison Rae’s father, Monty Lopez, says he’s a free man.

Speaking exclusively to Page Six via Zoom, the 46-year-old claims he divorced his wife Sheri Easterling “a few months ago”.

“Our divorce is final. What I can do from now on, I can move forward,” Lopez tells us in a joint interview with his girlfriend Renée Ash from his mother’s house in his hometown of Lafayette.

“In Louisiana, it’s very simple, it’s very different. You have to do the math, we’ve been apart for over two years now.”

“If you go here in front of the court system and say, ‘Hey, we’ve been separated for over two years, we’ve been living apart for a year and a half,’ then we’ve done our duty of care.”

Lopez claims he found closure with 43-year-old Easterling, whom he remarried in 2017 after going on several breaks beforehand.

“Nothing else needs to be done,” he continues. “We go before a judge, I sign it, she signs it and then we move on to the next step.”

A clerk confirmed to Page Six that a sealed case exists between the exes in the Lafayette Parrish court system. Meanwhile, Easterling has not responded to our multiple requests for comment.

Lopez – who shares sons Enzo, 15, and Lucas, 9, with Easterling alongside TikTok icon Rae, 22, – says they initially kept their split a secret to protect the public’s “concept” of their famous family .

The father-of-three, who lives in Los Angeles, claims he met Ash more than a year after his split from Easterling, who lives in Louisiana with her sons.

Monty Lopez, Sheri Easterling, Enzo Lopez
Lopez and Easterling, pictured here with son Enzo, remarried in 2017 after multiple splits.
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Lopez and Ash quickly developed a friendship that blossomed into something more – but this summer withered after the 26-year-old influencer felt Lopez had “lied” about the state of his marriage and “led” her into an affair.

The couple reconciled earlier this month after Lopez asked Ash’s mother and close friends to help him re-establish communication with the brunette beauty.

“Honestly, I just don’t want to miss an opportunity with someone I really care about,” he says, acknowledging their rekindled romance.


Lopez has recently rekindled his romance with Ash, who he met in the early days of his recent breakup with Easterling.

Instagram/Monty Lopez


Lopez has recently rekindled his romance with Ash, who he met in the early days of his recent breakup with Easterling.

Instagram/Monty Lopez


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“So, I’m excited that we’re talking again, I’m excited that we’re talking about moving in together, I’m excited … to see the next step in this relationship.”

Ash – who clarifies that she and Lopez are merely “trying” for cohabitation in LA – tells Page Six that her husband wants to get engaged, but she’s hoping to at least meet his immediate family before accepting a proposal.

“We’re taking it slow,” she notes. “I’d like to meet Sheri before I meet the kids, just to make her feel comfortable.”

However, Lopez does point out that he and Easterling don’t talk about his relationship with Ash.

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In addition to sons Enzo and Lucas, Lopez and Easterling share a daughter, TikTok superstar Addison Rae.


"He is everything" Special screening

In addition to sons Enzo and Lucas, Lopez and Easterling share a daughter, TikTok superstar Addison Rae.

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“It’s not something we talk about … we talk about our kids, what our kids need to do, what’s coming up,” he says of their co-parenting dynamic, adding that he travels to Louisiana every other week of the month to take care of it take care of his boys.

“I don’t ask her about relationships, which I’m sure she’s had,” Lopez elaborates. “And she doesn’t ask me what I do.”

For her part, Ash says she first reached out to Easterling when she and Lopez split in July, but the latter woman wasn’t ready to talk.

“No bad blood at all on my part with her – at allsays Ash. “When we broke up, I actually reached out and said, ‘I understand if you never want to talk to me, but we could be a source of comfort or just be there for each other.’

“She didn’t answer me because she might not want to hear from me.”

Sheri Easterling and Yung Sauce
Easterling was linked to rapper Yung Gravy this summer.
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Easterling seemed lost in thought. She briefly “dated” rapper Yung Gravy in August, though an insider told Page Six it was nothing more than a “PR relationship” orchestrated for “viral bait.”

“I thought it was silly, but that’s just me. If she’s happy, let her be happy,” Lopez says of Easterling, who appears to be single today.

As Page Six exclusively reported in August, Rae was “embarrassed” by her mother and father’s headline-grabbing relationships.

“Addison has seen her parents go through many ups and downs over the years, but everything that’s happening right now has been particularly overwhelming for her,” a source told us at the time.

Rae unfollowed Lopez and Easterling on Instagram this summer, but has since followed her mom again. Lopez is still not among the 342 people the “Obsessed” singer follows, but he claims he has a “great” relationship with his eldest child.

Sheri Easterling and Addison Rae
Lopez says he and Easterling share a parenting relationship and insists he and his daughter Rae are doing “great” these days.
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“We’re fine, man. it’s my daughter I spoke to her last week,” he says. “She’s open-minded. My boys are young while Addison is 22. She’s been through a lot more than the 15-year-old and the 9-year-old.”

Lopez claims Rae is “not bothered” by his generational romance with Ash, who is almost 21 years his junior.

“She never cared,” he insists. “When we were talking about whenever the s—t hit the fan, you know, we hadn’t lived in the same house for almost a year and a half.”

After Easterling, Ash hopes she will be introduced to Rae next. “I think from the oldest to the youngest is the best way,” she says when she meets her boyfriend’s children one day.

The bombshell — who currently has “baby fever” and “would like to be a mom one day” — says she’s impressed by Lopez’s commitment to fatherhood.


“I spoke to her last week,” Lopez says of Rae.


“I spoke to her last week,” Lopez says of Rae.

Instagram/Monty Lopez


The Bravolebrity – who faces 14 years in prison?

“It was just his son’s [Enzo] birthday ahead of me [came to Louisiana]. He spent time with [his sons]’ she remarks. “He took her to school the other day, he picked her up… He’s a good dad.”

Ash also thinks Lopez is a “good person” overall. “He has a really good heart when he shows it,” she enthuses. “I just feel safe with him.”

Lopez is equally smitten with the podcast host and aspiring philanthropist, whom he calls his “queen.”

“[She’s] a fun loving person who is genuine and caring and genuinely takes care of others more than themselves, which is huge,” he says. “I like a lot of the things she meddles in. I like how she does things independently, which makes her a strong woman for me.”

Renee Ash and Monty Lopez
Lopez, 46, says Rae was “never bothered” by his intergenerational relationship with Ash, 26.

And Ash is the only woman Lopez has had his eye on in weeks, he explains.

Many social media users speculated that Lopez was unhappy without Easterling in his life after a series of cryptic TikTok videos.

In an October post, Lopez – who has more than five million followers on the app – is seen shirtless and leaning over a table adorned with red roses as a voiceover yells, “It’s not fair!”

He wrote in his caption: “I miss you! You know it! #lonely #miserable #waiting #so.”

Renee Ash and Monty Lopez
Lopez and Ash rekindled their romance – for the fourth time – earlier this month.
Clint Brewer Photography/AIM

“A lot of people thought I was posting it about my ex-wife. But actually I posted it for her,” he says of Ash. “And it made it really unclear because even the press took it to mean that I was heartbroken about Sheri when really I was just heartbroken about Renée.”

Ash tells Page Six that she didn’t pine for Lopez — until she finally agreed to meet him in person this month. (After a string of secret breakups and makeup, this is their fourth run as a couple.)

“We’ve settled back into how we used to hang out and we’re having a lot of fun together,” she says.

“There are very few people that I can sit and do literally nothing with and have the time of my life and [Lopez] Is one of them. I can’t reiterate enough, you should be with someone who is your friend first.”