Holiday Christmas Train announces stops in Louisiana

The Kansas City Southern Railroad’s Holiday Express Train has announced its schedule of stops during the holiday season, and several stops are again scheduled for Louisiana stations in the coming weeks. The train, operated by the Kansas City Southern Railroad, has scheduled more than 20 stops on its holiday trip this year. This tour technically begins tomorrow with a stop in Shreveport.

This year’s Holiday Express Train will be on the rails from November 23rd to December 13th. At each stop, guests have the opportunity to take photos. Not all stops allow a walking tour. So be sure to check the schedule for the stop you plan to attend so you know in advance.

The Holiday Express is a six-car train that features elaborate holiday displays both inside and out. Santa and his elves ride the train to connect with boys and girls in communities along the Kansas City Southern Rails. The Holiday Express Train also has a charitable component.

The train harks back to the “Christmas Train” that ran through small rural communities for years, often bringing children along the route the only presents they would get for the holiday. In 1997 the idea was revived and reborn as the Holiday Express.

Those wishing to donate to Holiday Express supported charities can do so by visiting the site or they can do so online using this link. Over the years, the train has been responsible for more than $2.6 million in donations to families in need this Christmas.

All About Mena Video Magazine via YouTube

All About Mena Video Magazine via YouTube

This year’s schedule, as far as Louisiana stops, looks like this.

On November 23, the train will arrive in Shreveport at Shreveport Yard on North Lake Shore Drive, Gate 5. On November 24th the train will be in Monroe in Third and Desiard. It should arrive and be set up by 4pm.

All About Mena Video Magazine via YouTube

All About Mena Video Magazine via YouTube

After a brief stop in Mississippi, the train returns to Louisiana at Mansfield on November 29 and the following day, November 30, the train makes a stop at DeQuincy. This stop will be at the Railroad Museum on Lake Charles Avenue, the festivities begin at 4 p.m.

On December 2nd, the Holiday Express will make a stop in Leesville at the KCS Yard on Third Street, then return to Shreveport for another stop on December 4th. These are the Louisiana stops that we have outlined for you, there are several others on the plan in Mississippi, Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri and Arkansas. You can view the full schedule here.

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