Louisiana State Police release video of shooting of deputy | news

Video released Sunday by Louisiana State Police as part of their investigation into a deadly shooting involving officers in Alexandria earlier this month shows traffic control quickly escalating into a fight between the driver and the community sheriff’s deputy Rapidly eroded.

The incident, which took place over 58 seconds on 7th Street in Alexandria around 1pm on November 6, ended seconds after the driver, Derrick J. Kittling, 45, grabbed the taser of the officer involved in the fight on the ground landed; The officer, who was lying on the ground under Kittling at the time, then fired his gun.

Kittling is the brother of Lt. Col. Kenny Van Buren of the state police, who is not involved in the investigation, state police said.

The “Critical Incident Briefing” video was posted to the LSP Facebook page on Sunday “to give the community a better understanding” of the case, Lt. Melissa Matey, a spokeswoman for the state police, in the publication.

It includes video from the officer’s body-worn camera, the deputy’s dashboard camera in his patrol unit, and footage provided by a bystander.

“The investigation is still at an early stage,” Matey said.

The following program contains scenes that may offend your moral sense. The firing of the gun can be heard in the videos; Kittling is usually no longer visible at this point. After firing his gun, the officer, who can hear breathing heavily, climbs back into his unit and calls emergency services.

Kittling was taken to a local hospital for treatment but died from his injuries.

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The Rapides Township Sheriff’s Office called for the investigation about an hour after the incident.

The Louisiana State Police is the lead investigative agency for shootings. The crime scene was processed by technicians from the Louisiana State Police Crime Laboratory with the assistance of investigators from the Alexandria Criminal Investigation Department.

Body cam video and dashboard video show the start of the traffic stop, with Kittling getting out of his pickup truck and seemingly walking away.

The deputy repeatedly yells at Kittling to go to the back of the truck and face the truck.

“For what?” Kittling asks as he walks to the back of the truck but keeps looking at the deputy.

The fight breaks out as the deputy tries to turn Kittling over and handcuffs him, causing both men to fall to the ground and flashing glimpses of the fight for control of the taser.

It is not clear from the videos whether any of the men were verbally abused; someone screams more than once in the recordings.

Anyone with information and/or images and videos is requested to share that information with LSP investigators via the State Police Evidence Portal at https://lastatepolice.evidence.com/axon/citizen/public/11-6-22_rapides_parish share.

Information may also be reported anonymously at https://dpsweb.dps.louisiana.gov/suspicious.nsf/WebForm?OpenForm or by calling the LSP Fusion Center hotline at 1-800-434-8007.