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Plan ahead when traveling on vacation

Published 2:44 am Wednesday 23 November 2022

The Thanksgiving holiday is traditionally one of the busiest travel times of the year. During the 2021 Thanksgiving holiday week, Louisiana’s highways experienced 505 fatalities and injuries resulting in 18 deaths and 810 injuries. In an effort to reduce traffic deaths during America’s most popular travel vacation, the Louisiana State Police will work with our local law enforcement partners on the Click it or Ticket campaign.

The Click it or Ticket campaign, coordinated by the Louisiana Highway Safety Commission, is bringing additional law enforcement personnel to the streets November 19-27 to enforce Louisiana’s mandatory seat belt law. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates that proper seat belt use reduces the risk of passenger fatalities by 45% and the risk of moderate to serious injuries by 50%. This holiday season, Troopers will focus on seat belt use for adults, and particularly those child passengers who should be restrained in an NHTSA-legal car meal.

Louisiana law requires all occupants to be properly belted, regardless of age or seating position.

Soldiers using both fully marked and unmarked patrol vehicles will also target aggressive and impaired drivers this holiday season. Of the 505 fatalities and injuries on Thanksgiving in Louisiana last year, 38 were alcohol-related. There is a direct link between driving while intoxicated, not having proper restraint systems and reckless driving to fatalities. Alcohol can impair vision, alter your sense of time and space, and impair the fine motor skills needed to drive a motor vehicle safely. As little as a drink can cause these effects.

This holiday season, Louisiana citizens and visitors to our state are encouraged to use the Louisiana Traveler Information System, available through the 511 phone system,, and the LA DOTD Twitter account. The Travel Information System allows access to valuable resources such as up-to-date road reports on accidents and roadworks, ferry status updates and even real-time traffic camera views, depending on which modality you choose.

Citizens can keep up to date with major road closures, emergencies and relevant safety information at and

Motorists who observe dangerous road conditions and/or reckless drivers are urged to call *LSP (*577) and report this activity to the nearest Louisiana State Police Troop location.