What Thanksgiving Foods Are Safe for Dogs?

With Thanksgiving week fast approaching, homes will soon be filled with the delicious smells of all the foods and treats we enjoy most.

If you’re a dog owner, you probably allowed your fur baby to join in the feast by feeding him leftovers or leftovers from a full plate that you couldn’t finish.

The important question is whether the foods you are giving them are actually safe for them.

According to the American Kennel Club website, these are the foods your puppies are sure to enjoy during your Thanksgiving celebration:

Raw Organic Sweet Potatoes


They are high in vitamins and other nutrients that are good for dogs. However, it is important to remember that they must not be given when mixed with other ingredients. So the sweet potato casserole is not a good idea.

potatoes on the ground.


They’re healthy for puppies too, but it has to be a baked or boiled potato. If you find you can’t finish your stuffed baked potato stuffed with cheese and sour cream, this is where you need to draw the line.

Photo by Paula Bronstein/Getty Images

Photo by Paula Bronstein/Getty Images

Not all dogs are excited about eating more of the healthier scraps, but these are a great source of vitamins and nutrients for them. If you choose to divide, be sure to omit the pit and any seeds. The seeds can be toxic if dogs eat too many. Apple pie is also taboo.

turkey platter


This is probably a very commonly shared menu item. Just remember to exclude bones or skin and don’t give dogs too much seasoning (if any).

Green beans with almonds

rez art

This is another healthy food that is also healthy for the puppies. Sautéed isn’t too bad, but the green casserole isn’t a smart choice.

They say simply because creamed peas are a no-go. This will make them fatter and this could lead to a sour puppy tummy.

Aaron Burden via Unsplash.com

Aaron Burden via Unsplash.com

This is actually a very common additive in a dog’s diet due to its healthy properties. It is also added to our Thanksgiving menus. If you give anything to the dogs, make sure it isn’t flavored or has any other additives.

One of the first facts you’ll read on the AKC website is, “Thanksgiving tends to coincide with a surge in vet visits as dogs are fed unsafe human food.”

If you want to treat your pups to tasty holiday meals, that’s totally fine. Just make sure you are clear about what is safe for them so you don’t end up at the emergency vet.

If you are concerned that your dog may have eaten something harmful, or if you are unsure if he can get a particular food, the ASPCA has a Pet Poisons Hotline that you can call at any time. This number 1-888-426-4435.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

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