7 things you should know about the NJ holiday weekend weather

1.) The end result

As you probably know, Wednesday is one of the busiest travel days of the year. And the weather will be in full play, with pleasant, dry and calm weather continuing throughout Thanksgiving Day.

However, two bullet points in this article relate to inclement weather. Two storm systems will hit New Jersey over the holiday weekend. We’re talking rain though – there’s not even a hint of winter weather in the forecast, with high temperatures mainly in the 50’s.

2.) Wednesday: The nicest day of the week

For the fifth day in a row I get to use the Sunny icon nicely on the 5 day forecast!

It’s another cool, crisp morning. Temperatures start the day in the 20’s in inland NJ, with 30’s near the coast.

Your Wednesday will be mostly sunny, dry and seasonal. Mother Nature will not stand in the way of travelers traveling to/from New Jersey by car, plane, train or boat. High temperatures reach the seasonal mid-50s. It’s nice to finally see some pleasant, typical late November weather.

Technically, there will be a cold front passage on Wednesday evening. But no rain, no wind. Just a small drop in temperatures for Thursday. Expect clear skies and calm weather on Wednesday evening. Low temperatures will dip into the mid-30s.

3.) Thanksgiving Thursday: The second best day of the week

Again, no complaints for Thanksgiving Day for travelers, parades, and turkey eaters.

We will see plenty of sunshine on Thursday but clouds will increase from late morning into the afternoon. Winds remain light allowing these parade balloons to fly high and proud. High temperatures easily go back to the low 50s. Still almost normal for this time of year and still a beautiful November day.

4.) Black Friday: We’re getting wet

Our next storm system is scheduled to arrive on Friday. I’m not sure this will be enough to significantly hamper post-holiday travel (other than by air). It won’t be a letdown. But we are looking at a period of wet and dreary weather on Friday.

Forecast models still show some options regarding the exact timing and intensity of rain. Some are suggesting a pocket of steady, heavy rain will develop during the day on Friday – but I’m not buying it as this system lacks any real “oomph”. Also, these raindrops fight their way through fairly dry air.

So I call it “showers” for Friday. Rain shower. Temperatures remain stable, seasonally below to mid 50’s on Friday afternoon.

5.) Saturday: Squeezing out a dry day

Another good day to hit the streets and/or do outdoor activities, with clear skies and calm weather. High temps should shoot back for the low to mid 50s.

6.) Sunday: We’re getting wet again

Unfortunately, the trickiest part of this prediction coincides with that Miscellaneous big travel day of the holiday weekend — Sunday.

Another healthy low pressure wave will cross New Jersey directly, traveling in the rain. The wet weather can actually start on Saturday night and last until the first half of Sunday.

This second wave of rain will likely be steadier and stronger. Some precipitation totals can exceed an inch. I could see delays at area airports, in addition to slowdowns on the roads.

According to the latest forecast, the chance of rain will decrease by Sunday afternoon. There is even a good chance for later clearing.

High temperatures remain mild on Sunday, with most of the state reaching the upper 50s to about 60. This is one of the reasons why there is still a chance of snow far north of New Jersey.

7.) The Extended Prognosis: Dry end to November

If you make it an “extended” long weekend, the weather will cooperate until early next week.

We’re returning to bright, dry, seasonal weather conditions for the big Back-to-Work, Back-to-School Monday. Clouds are gathering on Tuesday, but our weather remains calm for another day. The highs on both days will end somewhere in the 50’s.

Long-term models suggest the next chance of rain in New Jersey won’t hit until the middle of next week. I don’t see a significant chance of snow in our forecast for the foreseeable future, even at the beginning of December.

Happy Thanksgiving! As always, we have your latest forecast on the air and online. Barring the forecast going haywire this weekend, the CMDZ weather blog will return after the bank holiday weekend on Monday.

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