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Originally published: 11/23/2022

(FREEHOLD, NJ) — The Monmouth County Board of County Commissioners has announced that a contract has been signed sea ​​streak To offer ferry service between the Belford Ferry Terminal and Manhattan beginning December 5, 2022.

“The new agreement between the county and Seastreak will provide significantly more options for residents traveling to and from New York City,” said Commissioner Director Thomas A. Arnone. “Seastreak will have ships serving the Belford Ferry Terminal offering six morning departures from Belford to Manhattan and seven evening departures direct from Manhattan to Belford. These new routes complement the routes already offered by Seastreak between Highlands, Atlantic Highlands and Manhattan, with all terminals using the same tickets.”

As part of the new agreement, the Seastreak terminals in the Highlands and Atlantic Highlands will be connected to the Belford Ferry Terminal via a complimentary SeaStreak shuttle bus service.

“Commuters leaving Manhattan have a total of 22 departure options per day and the flexibility to return to their vehicles from any of the terminals in Monmouth County,” said Commissioner Director Arnone. “As the need for ferry services has increased, the county wanted to ensure travelers have a variety of safe and reliable ways to travel between Manhattan and Monmouth County, especially during peak travel times.”

Seastreak plans to expand its seasonal excursions to include departures from Belford Terminal, and Monmouth County residents will be able to take advantage of seasonal weekend ferry services beginning Spring 2023.

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“Our team looks forward to working with Monmouth County to serve the county’s residents and provide the Belford commuter community with the same high level of service and dedication that the company has provided its drivers for over three decades,” said Seastreak Vice President of Operations John J. Bevins. “We are committed to providing safe and reliable transportation for years to come and thank our drivers for their continued support.”

“Monmouth County is committed to a smooth transition between our previous partner, New York Waterways, and Seastreak to ensure travelers are not impacted by the switch in service providers,” said Commissioner Director Arnone.

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