As beach badge prices skyrocket in 2023, pre-season deals offer relief

JERSEY SHORE – The start of the summer season is months away, but for those looking to save on beach badges next year, you might want to stock up on beach passes now.

Several popular Jersey Shore beaches have already announced plans to increase beach badge prices by up to $15 in 2023, citing staffing needs and economic inflation. Price increases have already been announced by Surf City and Seaside Park, with the former increasing its badge price by $10 for the 2023 summer season.

Holiday discounts start at $40 on November 14th and are offered subject to availability on the Surf City government website. Seasonal badges start at $45 post-sale, up from the $35 tag price at the start of last year’s season.

According to a report by WOBM, Seaside Park will increase its seasonal fee to $70 from last year’s $60; The holiday discount lowers the retail price by $15.

Barnegat Light will charge $45 for seasonal beach badges, up from a $30 launch price in 2022. Christmas discounts are $35.

Enjoying the beach in Ocean City is also set to become more expensive next year, as Ocean City Council recently voted to increase beach tag prices. Continue reading: Beach trailer prices soar in Ocean City

“We’ve tried not to do this for as long as possible, but we’re at a breaking point and we just can’t do it anymore,” Councilor Bob Barr said. When sales begin, pre-season beach trailers will be $30, $10 more than in recent years.

Lavallette will also increase its $55 season pass to $65 in May 2023, with holiday sales starting at $55 through Dec. 30, Patch County officials said.

There are no beach badge fees in Cape May City, Beach Haven, Ship Bottom, Harvey Cedars or Long Beach Township in 2023. Both Long Beach and Harvey Cedars offer vacation discounts on badges for $35; Beach Haven starts its sale for the season at $30.

However, some cities have yet to finalize beach badge pricing for next year’s season. One of those cities is Manasquan, which will set its final price during the 2023 budget pricing.

“The holiday sale will be offered at 2022 prices,” Councilman Mike Mangan told Patch. “It’s done this way every year to give people a chance to buy before (if) there’s an increase the following year.”

Many beaches also offer additional discounts for seniors, veterans, active members, and children.

-With additional reporting by Veronica Flesher.