Caribbean Medical Mission of New Jersey is commended for 25 years of Sterling service

WASHINGTON, DC – That Caribbean Medical Mission (CMM) based in New Jersey has received much recognition for the community and international outreach they have undertaken over the past 25 years.

The organization, which conducts medical missions throughout the Caribbean and Africa, was founded by a group of Jamaican doctors based in New Jersey who use their own funds to conduct annual medical missions to provide medical care to those in need in the Caribbean and Africa.

Caribbean Medical Mission from New Jersey
The founding President of the Caribbean Medical Mission of New Jersey, Dr. Rudolph Willis (left), is greeted by CMM President Dr. Winston Scott presented with a special award at the organization’s 25th Anniversary Gala held at the Grand Ball Room in Totowa, NJ on Saturday November 5, 2022.
Also in the picture are founding members who also received awards. From left: Anita Fullerton; Margaret Douglas and Hugh Barton. (Photo Derrick Scott.)

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benefit gala

At a fundraising gala marking its 25th anniversary last weekend, Jamaica’s Ambassador to the United States, HE Audrey Marks, pointed out that the “Caribbean Medical Mission (CMM), based in New Jersey, shows that the true spirit of generosity, of compassion and caring for others still abounds despite the challenging economic times we find ourselves in now.”

She said, “CMM’s commitment to bringing medical care to those in need in the Caribbean and New Jersey over the past 25 years is a contribution that serves as a lifeline for the health care sector in Jamaica. The Government and people of Jamaica regard the CMM as a true friend of Jamaica and a valued partner in our development journey.”

Jamaica’s top diplomat in Washington pointed out that “CMM has provided medical care to just over 22,000 patients in Jamaica over the past 25 years, valued at $1.4 million in monetary terms. Another 20,000 patients are being treated in other Caribbean countries at a monetary value of $1.3 million. I also recognize that the CMM provides accessible healthcare to needy communities in the United States and other parts of the world,” she noted.

She noted that “The Caribbean Medical Mission (CMM) was founded 24 years ago by a group of Jamaican doctors with the stated purpose of conducting voluntary medical missions to Jamaica. However, over the years this mission has evolved to include the African diaspora in the Americas and as such your creed of “helping those in need” includes your ministries to other islands in the West Indies, countries in Central and South America and beyond provide.

“Jamaica is proud of the partnership we have forged and looks forward to another 25 years of service to those in need,” said Ambassador Marks.

In his remarks, the President of CMM, Dr. Winston Scott: “Since 1996, our mission has continued to grow, impacting the needs of the underserved throughout the Caribbean, Africa and here in New Jersey.

He said the decision to launch the mission came from a meeting with former Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller, who convinced her of the need for a health mission to Jamaica.

As we celebrate our 25th anniversary, we honor those who were the founding members and early administrators of the organization.

“We are proud to have Dr. Honoring Omar Bey…whose clinical skills and distinguished career as a pulmonologist have been an inspiration to many both in the hospital and in the community.

Additionally, “Our community service award goes to one of us, Joyce Lynch, who tirelessly contributes to several medical missions each year.

We have stayed true to our commitments and continued our support for Jamaica and Dominicans cancer society and the provision of medical equipment for our elective clinic in Portland, Jamaica.

We also expanded our community services locally in New Jersey through collaborations with St. Michael Medical Center and Carewell Health, in addition to providing health and awareness fairs on male and female wellbeing and cancer awareness.