Few changes in Union County after seven seats rotate between parties

Seven municipal seats in Union County were flipped in 2022, with Republicans gaining seats across the county after voters in Berkeley Heights, Cranford, Kenilworth, Roselle Park and Summit transferred governing body seats from one party to another.

Union County remains solidly Democratic, with Democrats easily gaining three seats on the Board of County Commissioners. This extends her winning streak to 26 years; Republicans have not achieved a statewide victory in Union since 1995.

in the Berkeley heights, Democratic Mayor Angie Devanney scored a landslide victory by 941 votes, a fifteen percentage point win for a second term over Republican Jeffrey Varnerin. Democrat Susan Poage, a former councilwoman, took over the vacant seat from retired GOP councilwoman Gentiana Brahimaj; this reduces the Republican council majority to 5-1. A Republican incumbent, Manuel Couto, defeated his running mate, Michelle Bartiromo, by seven votes. Another Democrat, Diomedes Tsitouras, trailed Couto by 38 votes.

Cranford Township Committeeman-Elect Terrence Curran. (Photo: Terrence Curran).

A three-year-old Republican on the Kranford Township Committee, Mary O’Connor, was defeated for re-election. Terrence Curran, a trauma surgeon at Morristown Memorial Hospital who served in the US Marine Corps and as a Jersey City police officer before going to medical school, defeated O’Connor by 327 votes. Mayor Kathleen Miller Prunty led 582 votes ahead of fellow GOP nominee Chrissa Stulpin. Curran’s win gives the Democrats a 4-1 majority.

Two of the candidates have ties to Hudson County politics. O’Connor’s late uncle was James P. Dugan, a state senator from Bayonne and leader of the New Jersey Democratic Party in the 1970s. Curran’s wife is Kathleen Curran, former Jersey City Ward A.

Republican one kenilworth took up two seats on the county council after two Democrats, Kay Anne Ceceri and Mark David, did not seek re-election. Savino Scorese (1,372) and William Mauro (1,371) defeated Democrats Louis DeMondo (1,094) and Toni Giordano Picerno (1,078). This gives the GOP a 6-0 majority; Mayor Linda Karlovitch, a Democrat, is running for re-election next year.

Two seats turned on parties Roselle Park, where Democratic Mayor Joseph Signorello was re-elected with 56.5% of the vote. In the 3rd Circuit, Democrat Rosanna Lyons defeated Republican Councilwoman Jodi Bellomo by 17 votes, 345 to 328. In the race for the open seat in the 4th Circuit, where Democrat Michael Connolly did not seek re-election, Republican Khanjan Patel defeated Democrat Marc Fernandez by 59 votes, 339 to 280.

A democratic city council in summit was defeated in re-election. Republican Delia Hamlet, a US Army veteran stationed in Kuwait after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, ousted one-term Democrat Danny O’Sullivan by 29 votes, 2,220 to 2,191. The election of Hamlet reduces the Democratic majority in the city council to 5:2.

Summit is one of New Jersey’s train station cities that has evolved from a solid Republican to a Democratic stronghold. By 2001, Republicans were enjoying an 80-year winning streak at the local level.