Mitch Marner turns 14, New Jersey doesn’t

The Toronto Maple Leafs took a two-goal lead in the first period, beating the New Jersey Devils 2-1 away. The Devils lost three goal ratings in the game, which enraged their fans, but only managed to score one real goal as they lost their winning streak after 13 games, setting but not breaking a franchise record.

John Tavares met, assisted by Mitch Marner. Pontus Holmberg scored his first NHL career goal and was good enough to win the game. Matt Murray was excellent, making 34 saves in the win.

Mitch Marner fully earned his support in this game, earning him points in 14 straight games. He is now two games behind Babe Dye in fifth on the Leafs all-time record list. With his 12th goal of the season in Game 21, John Tavares is on his way to 47 goals for the second time in his career – the first being his debut season with the Leafs alongside Mitch Marner.

First period

Robertson looks lively early on. Good on the precheck and then Sandin found a shot with a good center pass while being checked in the corner.


Bastian goalkeeper interference.

The resulting power play by the Leafs gave Marner a few chances.

Mercer deflected a shot from Benn that hit the post.


JOHN TAVARES DOES AGAIN! MITCH MARNER BEATS THREE DEVILS IN CORNER TO GO DIRECT! That was Tavares’ 12th goal of the season and Marner’s 20th assist, extending his points streak to 14 games.


PONTUS HOLMBERG SCORES HIS FIRST CAREER GOAL!!! Sandin set up rookie Holmberg with a quick bite and fed his fellow Swede a partial break. Holmberg imitated another Swede, Nylander, by playing five holes past Vanecek. What a moment, what a goal.

after one

I noticed that Robertson looked good early on but seemed out of groove once the power plays started. Without Tavares and Marner on the same shift cycle as him, he lost a few shifts and looked like he needed to get back on track. Something the young winger needs to learn and work through.

second period


Another goal reclaimed New Jersey. This time Murray was knocked out by Tatar trying to get back to his net and when the puck went into the net it was quickly checked and rejected.

Kerfoot called for a hold and sent New Jersey to the game’s first power play. Giordano gets in front of the pucks again, blocking passes and shots for Murray.

The Devils kept the pressure going after their power play, but Matt Murray was solid. May I say reliable?

Jordie Benn walks down the tunnel… cue thousand mile stare.

Robertson showed even more of his talent later in the period with that centering pass.

After two

Using their two power plays, but also largely trying to level the game, the Devils beat the Leafs 9-29 shots. The Devils had 14 shots on the power play, including nine on target for Murray to stop.

third period

Benn returned to the game for the third period.

Anyway, he went back to the dressing room after a few minutes.

It’s okay, he came back and played two shifts before the Leafs’ power play.

But after that he stopped playing.

Mark Giordano really is the Thaddeus Young of the Maple Leafs.

2-1 (seriously)

Huge save from Murray, outnumbered, who comes over with the glove. But in the scrum with Giordano and Robertson, the puck was caught in the net, kicked off a stick and in. I thought that was a goal but it was recalled.

As the review took place, Devils fans, unhappy with the review’s hat-trick, began throwing stuff on the ice. Not just hats being hilarious but drinks full and empty. So the Leafs left the ice and went back to their room while the ice staff cleaned up their pissed off fans.

I just want all Devils fans reading this to know that we did. We called Toronto and got them to mess with you and manipulate all of these reviews for us. Why here, why now? Because we can.

Robertson was almost tied with a one-timer out of the slot when play resumed. He probably should have scored there.

2-1 (for real this time)

Yes, Robertson really should have come forward on that occasion. But that goal wasn’t his fault as the Devils finally got through legally against Murray with a tip from Dougie Hamilton. Yes, he was in the slot, that’s how he rolls.

The Devils tried to hit the net on a rush chance a minute later, but I really appreciated ZAR’s butt getting in the way and deflecting the Devils sideways.

Holl doesn’t get the first rebound out, there’s a crowd in front of Murray, Murray can do it.

Marner fed Tavares into a good chance in front of the net, but he was stopped by the pad. The Leafs didn’t send their defense up, so the offensive chance faded.

The Devils called a time-out with two minutes remaining. I’ll be honest I thought losing a rating meant you didn’t have to take time off, but I guess that’s an old rule.

Ping on the way out but hands still win. Ball game in which maybe 2v1 match with the highest score of the century.