New Jersey man warns of fraudulent practices in the solar industry

There have been numerous reported cases of consumer fraud allegations involving the sale and leasing of solar panels

NORTH ARLINGTON, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, Nov. 22, 2022 / — New Jersey’s John “Doc” Fuller is sounding the alarm about the financial harm to consumers and physical harm to homes that solar companies are inflicting on homeowners.

Fuller’s troubles began with a leak that occurred in his roof in the fall of 2022 and needed immediate repair.

He’s not sure if the leak was due to the solar panels he had previously installed on his home, but the entire roof had to be replaced, which meant the solar panels had to be temporarily removed and then reinstalled on his new roof.

After many discussions with his solar roof supplier and their installer, Fuller received a contract with an estimated dismantling date of mid-December.

Fuller said he couldn’t wait three months for the leak in his roof to be repaired without causing major damage. Under the terms of his contract with his solar panel supplier, he needed approval from the solar panel financing company before he could have the panels removed and reinstalled by third parties.

After Fuller’s attorney contacted the solar panel finance company, he was granted permission to have his solar panels removed and reinstalled immediately after the roof work was completed. Fuller received an estimate from a contractor for panel removal and installation.

The roofing and solar panel company that removed the panels told Fuller that the panels should not have been installed due to the poor condition of his roof. They suggested that he get a copy of his roof condition report from the solar panel company that installed the panels. The solar panel company told Fuller that its roof condition report was proprietary.

Fuller, who is considering filing a lawsuit against the solar panel supplier, isn’t the only one being treated unfairly by a solar energy company.

There have been numerous reported cases of consumer fraud allegations involving the sale and leasing of solar panels.

In May 2021, the New Jersey Attorney General announced a $69,000 settlement with a Princeton-based solar company to resolve State AG’s investigation into alleged deceptive sales practices. Specifically, New Jersey AG alleged that the company tricked consumers into leasing solar panels by making statements about savings, maintenance, installation, and financing while failing to deliver on those promises.

In April 2022, Minnesota AG filed a lawsuit against Utah-based solar companies, lenders, and company executives alleging they engaged in deceptive and fraudulent practices in the marketing and sale of residential solar panel systems.

In February 2022, Idaho AG issued a consumer alert regarding persistent consumer complaints about “deceptive sales tactics by solar companies through doorstep selling and social media advertising.”

Back in 2017, the Gloucester County Consumer Protection Agency in New Jersey urged consumers to be aware of possible scams related to solar power and energy efficiency programs.

“Thousands of people lease solar panels, unaware of the illegal tactics, until they contract and need roof repairs,” Fuller said.

Fuller, a prison counselor, motivational speaker, and CEO and President of Prison Coach Speaking & Consulting LLC, is a true expert with first-hand knowledge of such situations. In fact, he has played a key role in shaping the modern face of the prison counseling industry, providing a variety of unique services for first-time inmates and grooming celebrities, professional athletes, veterans, politicians and high-profile criminals preparing to serve their time behind bars.

Fuller tours the nation counseling would-be convicts, helping them organize their personal affairs before their final surrender and adjusting them to their new lives by understanding the rules—written and unwritten—that will affect them psychologically. He has appeared on FOX, ABC, WPIX NY, CNN, NBC and other major networks.


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