NJ Superwoman makes entrepreneurial dreams come true

I don’t know about you but every time I see Shark Tank I think I have so many great ideas that I would love to bring to market.

Many women have these dreams and Shark Tank proves it.

But there is one woman who not only made all of those dreams come true, but who has the integrity and kindness to share her knowledge with other women.

And it doesn’t surprise me that she’s a Jersey girl!

Via Lisa Ascolese on Facebook

Via Lisa Ascolese on Facebook

Lisa Ascolese of Brick, known to many in her community as “The Inventress,” was a struggling inventor who had no resources early in her inventive journey.

She searched in vain for guidance and support from like-minded companies and individuals, but it didn’t stop her.

She always strived for success through trial and error.

And when she finally became the big hit she is, she pushed it forward.

Via Lisa Ascolese on Facebook

Via Lisa Ascolese on Facebook

As a Black inventor who found incredible success, Lisa was inspired to start a non-profit organization to support “successful” female entrepreneurs and inventors in underserved communities.

Called The Association of Women Inventors & Entrepreneurs, its mission is to educate, inspire and fund creative contributors and provide them with the tools necessary to take their ideas from concept to reality.

Via Lisa Ascolese on Facebook

Via Lisa Ascolese on Facebook

Almost like a real shark tank.

Each year, their AOWIE conference is an annual celebration aimed at bridging the gap between ambition and success, and instilling confidence in inventors and budding entrepreneurs of all ages.

Via Lisa Ascolese on Facebook

Via Lisa Ascolese on Facebook

She has brought so many to a place of accomplishment and success.

In fact, during the pandemic, Lisa helped dozens of inventors successfully develop and bring their inventions to market.

With over 30 years of experience developing and launching products at QVC, HSN and in retail stores across the country, you’d think she’d want to keep all that success to herself.

Via Lisa Ascolese on Facebook

Via Lisa Ascolese on Facebook

But Lisa is not that kind of girl!

She is passionate about giving others a seat at the table and supporting them unconditionally.

According to the AOWIE website, the AOWIE list of supporters and award winners includes Daymond John, Carla Hall, Dionne Warwick, Gloria Gaynor, Tyrese Gibson, Melba Moore and the list goes on!

For more information on The Inventress and what she’s up to, click here.

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