Rudy’s On Main was voted Best Fudge in New Jersey

There’s nothing quite like grabbing some candy while on the Jersey Shore!

I love walking through candy stores along the Seaside Heights Boardwalk and Point Pleasant Boardwalk.

Maybe you feel the same way, but I’m just eyeing the boxes of fresh chocolate, saltwater toffee, chocolate-covered pretzels, and of course anything chocolate peanut butter!

Photo by Massimo Adami on Unsplash

Photo by Massimo Adami on Unsplash

Of course, you may have read this short little list and thought, “Hey, you’re missing out on a pretty big candy!”


Fudge is without a doubt one of New Jersey’s most popular desserts, and it just tastes so much better when you ward off a few seagulls.

My wife will tell you that her grandma used to make the most amazing peanut butter fondant in the world.

Personally, I’m a fan of Van Holten’s or Suzi’s in Middletown.

Photo credit: Google Maps

Photo credit: Google Maps

That being said, the experts at Only In Your State claim to have found the best fudge in all of New Jersey.

That’s quite a bold claim, especially since we’re pretty serious about our desserts!

The store offers amazing fudge for a pretty cheap price, as well as a wide range of other really tasty treats.

They sell soft pretzels the size of your face, creamy ice cream, and Italian ice cream, but customers keep coming back for the fudge, according to customers.

Photo by Nathana Rebou├žas on Unsplash

Photo by Nathana Rebou├žas on Unsplash

This place makes their fudge with imported Belgian chocolate, which may sound overly sweet, but they claim their fudge has 30 percent less sugar!

Flavors range from Sea Salt Caramel to Cookies and Cream to Pumpkin Truffle and Blackberry Bourbon.

They also come up with fresh new fudge creations regularly, so you never know what you’ll find when you visit!

Any guesses on the best fudge shop in New Jersey?

Only In Your State named Rudy’s on Main in Belmar, New Jersey the Best Fudge Shop in the Garden State!

Photo credit: Google Maps

Photo credit: Google Maps

You can stop by today or order online and pick up your treats later, yum!

These are also some amazing places to get fudge along the Jersey Shore!

Fudge is such an underrated dessert, but here on the Jersey Shore you’ll find some of the best fudge around! Whether you grew up here or are just visiting, these 6 fudge shops are sure to please!

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