Some in NJ need to stop the toxic habit when they gather for Thanksgiving

Hard to believe, but now the holidays have arrived in New Jersey. After we get through Thanksgiving, it’s going to be a great rush into the new year. And as we get older, every year it seems to go faster and faster.

With these years, our knowledge of everyday life also disappears. How we see the world today might have been very different five or ten years ago. Hell, even a year could make a big difference.

And every year as Thanksgiving comes around, we like to share some of our thoughts with those we don’t really see the rest of the year. These themes can be very different, but we share them anyway.

For those with children, we often can’t help but talk about it. And when these kids get together for Thanksgiving, there’s always a relative who has to comment on how tall they’re getting. It’s just a universal thing to do.

Giants Barkley football


And then there are those of us who have to watch football. Regardless of who is playing, the TV will turn on and those games will air one after the other.

And when it’s not football, there are still other traditions that families might prefer to see on TV. There’s always the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and those special holiday movies.

Of course, all these activities always have a common thread. And it’s one we enjoy before we even gather around the Thanksgiving table.

This platter of food on the coffee table is a must. As we wait for that big meal to be ready, we can’t help but snack while catching up with each other.

For many of us it is a tradition that we should always keep alive. In fact, Thanksgiving is generally a great time for friends and family to get together and stay close.

However, there is something that can be toxic at the Thanksgiving table. Well, there’s always that one relative who has to argue with everyone, that’s expected. But some issues are better left outside the door.

Especially after what we’ve been dealing with over the last few years, one of those issues that probably should be avoided is heavy, broad politics. It’s the last thing we should be arguing about while trying to gather together peacefully.

Dave Huss, Getty Images

Dave Huss, Getty Images

In fact, politics has gotten so ugly lately that it’s actually tearing some families apart, and it’s a shame. It’s one of those subjects that gets our blood pumping and nobody seems to know how to keep it polite.

Another problem with politics is giving the other person a chance to express their point of view, or even giving them the courtesy to at least try to understand where they’re coming from. It’s the mindset that I’m always right and you’re always wrong.

For those who can stay polite and properly share each other’s thoughts, it might not be so bad. Unfortunately, bitterness and anger tend to be the default setting, which of course makes talking about politics toxic in the first place.

To be fair, not all family members may be so involved, but enough are. Especially when it comes to generational differences. It’s often better to avoid the toxicity of politics altogether and enjoy these classic Thanksgiving movies instead.

Charlie Brown gets politics?


Yes, heavy, rambling politics is one of those toxic subjects, but it’s not the only one.

There are also those personal issues that can ruin Thanksgiving dinner for everyone. Just don’t talk about it and break the habit of always being right or bettering your friends and family.

All of this makes things awkward, uncomfortable and heated during conversations. Instead, let’s all try to be nice to one another and leave the toxic baggage at the door.

When the end of that day comes, we should all feel full and happy.

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