The best beaches in New Jersey for your fun-filled beach getaway

Soak up the sun on New Jersey’s best beaches

Listen to the gentle sound of the waves glistening in the sunlight as you sip a refreshing drink and relax in peace.

Sounds calm doesn’t it?

You can soak up the sun on New Jersey’s sandy beaches for a refreshing getaway. If you want to get the adrenaline pumping with water sports instead, there are plenty of options here too.

Narrow down your choices with the list we have compiled of the best New Jersey beaches for your fun beach getaway:-

Cape May

Considered one of the loveliest beaches in New Jersey, Cape May is the perfect option for a short summer vacation.

Its extensive sandy shoreline is divided into 16 different beaches that offer a range of different activities for a fun day at the beach. You can swim, fish, surf, kayak, swim, board, play beach volleyball, or build sandcastles.

There is no shortage of fun activities to participate in with your friends and family in this scenic location. If you’re a little clean freak, head to Diamond Beach.

It is known as one of the cleanest beaches here, where you can also find diamond-shaped pebbles that many people like to collect.

Cape May is also known for its long-standing Victorian buildings, which you can explore for a glimpse of times gone by.

With such architectural masterpieces, bird-watching spots and pristine beaches, Cape May is an ideal coastal retreat.

Wildwood Beach

Dip your toes in the soft white sands of Wildwood Beach as you set off on the perfect Jersey Shore vacation. Home to a massive 36-block boardwalk lined with rides, games, and gift shops, it’s the perfect beach for a family day out.

If you’re an early riser, you’ll witness the first rays of the sun reflect like diamonds as they rise from the brilliant blue sea. You can also take a morning bike ride to recharge your day.

Would you like to do something more exciting? You’re in luck because the night scene here is enchanting.

The lively music, flashing neon lights and enticing scents of the open-air restaurants create a festive ambience for an exciting evening.

sandy hook

A nature lover’s paradise, Sandy Hook is one of New Jersey’s most popular beaches.

Located at the north end of the Jersey coast, it has extensive sea frontage and bay beaches for fishing, swimming, diving, surfing, windsurfing and cycling.

You can relax on the white sands with scenic views of the Atlantic, or work up a sweat while hiking the many trails, biking the trails, or exploring the holly forest.

It is also one of the most popular spots for bird watchers with more than 300 species of birds. So get out your binoculars and marvel at the beauty of Sandy Hook. With such popular offerings, it had to be on our list of beautiful New Jersey beaches.

Ocean City Beach

Ready for family-friendly beach fun? Visit Ocean City Beach, which stretches eight miles along New Jersey’s exquisite shoreline.

Ocean City bills itself as “America’s Greatest Family Resort.”

With access to public washrooms and restaurants, this beach is a year-round destination for families, couples, and individuals looking for a refreshing retreat. This is one of the safest beaches in New Jersey, with lifeguards closely monitoring beachgoers.

The beach features a long boardwalk that stretches for nearly 3 miles of shoreline. There is a lively atmosphere around this walkway with amusement parks, restaurants and a variety of shops.

With so many amenities, it’s no wonder this is one of the best beaches in New Jersey for families.

Asbury Park

Asbury Beach is considered one of the best dog-friendly beaches and is ideal for a perfect getaway with your four-legged friend. With a newly designed seafront promenade with so many restaurants serving tempting delights and numerous shops, it has become a favorite destination for young and old alike.

You can hop in a kayak, go swimming, fishing or build sandcastles on the soft white sands of Asbury.

A fan of live music? This place has provided you with a number of local clubs offering live performances. You can also visit the Silverball Museum Arcade to round off your fun-filled day trip.

So get your beach gear out and enjoy the sublime beauty of some of New Jersey’s best beaches to relax, play and come away refreshed. Stay tuned for more tips like this to plan your next vacation!

Frequently asked Questions:

What is the most beautiful beach in New Jersey?

Cape May tops the list of New Jersey’s best beaches.

Does NJ have white sandy beaches?

One of New Jersey’s greatest treasures are its white sandy beaches that draw visitors and families each year to enjoy the surf, sand, sun, fun and excitement of the famous Jersey Shore

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