The New Jersey Devils are aiming for a franchise record Wednesday night

In a season where the Devils are playing really well, they recently set a franchise record by beating the Oilers

On Monday, the New Jersey Devils broke a 20-year franchise record. The Devils have now won 13 games in a row. Throughout their winning streak, the Devils showed talent, struggle, and tenacity to win those games. The only other Devils team to break that record was the 2000-01 Devils, who would advance to the Stanley Cup Finals that year. That historic franchise record win on Monday would be against the Edmonton Oilers. The last time the Devils faced the Oilers was a very close game on November 3rd. But thanks to some quick goals from Ryan Graves and Jesper Bratt, the Devils won their fifth straight game to that point. The Devils are now back against the Oilers and have won the battle thanks to these components.

Nico Hischier and Jesper Bratt continue Hot Streak

Both Nico Hischier and Jesper Bratt fit this description perfectly of who leads the team. In the game’s first power play for the Devils, Hischier set up Bratt with a beautiful pass, after which Bratt unleashed an incredible shot to give the Devils a 1-0 lead. Hischier would have two more assists in the game. One of those was thanks to Oiler’s goalie Stuart Skinner who gave up a bad giveaway on the net that Nico sat down on DawsonMercer to give the Devils a 2-1 lead. The other assist was on a secondary assist Tomas Tatar‘s nice play to give the Devils a 4-2 lead.

As for Jesper Bratt, he keeps showing himself Tom Fitzgerald why he needs an extension. The last few games in the streak have been just fine for Bratt. It was no different on Monday night when he added two more points. One of them was on the gate that he shot past Skinner so quickly. The other point he got was an assist on the 3rd goal when he and Jack Hughes made two crisp passes to build up Damon Severson‘s goal. It’s just amazing to see these two make great game after great game.

Vitek VanecekStars’ stunning performance is a big part of this record-breaking franchise win

A big part of this franchise record win is the goalie game. Thinking of the Devil’s goalkeeping problems, the signing of Vitek Vanecek was perhaps one of the best moves Tom Fitzgerald has made this offseason. Because Mackenzie Blackwood Vitek Vanecek was injured again and has featured throughout the series as the Devils’ first-choice goaltender.

Monday’s game was one of his best performances considering the team he was up against. It’s not easy as a goalkeeper to compete against the fast ones Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl. That wasn’t a problem for Vanecek, however, as he only conceded two goals in the game. There were many times in the game where the Oilers would press in the Devils’ zone and try to net the puck. The Oilers beat the Devils in that game. But Vanecek saved 33 of 35 shots to win the game and without him, the Devils wouldn’t have won 13 straight games.

Tomas Tatar and Dawson Mercer earn their own points in the franchise record game

Last season, two of these guys were at opposite ends on how well they played as a team. While Dawson Mercer was one of the few good players in the Devils last year, Tomas Tatar didn’t do anything spectacular. The roles switched early in the season, particularly during this stretch. Tatar has done much better than last year, recording at least five assists and four goals in November alone.

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Although Mercer is yet to play like last year, that doesn’t mean he can still score points if he needs to. This game was perfect for both of them to earn points and stay consistent with the team. Mercer and Tatar were in line with Nico Hischier and he helped both score points. Mercer took two points, which was the goal he finished thanks to Stuart Skinner’s mess, and then got another point for assisting Tatar’s goal. He scored a beautiful goal for Tatar, getting his own rebound after Skinner initially saved him. Both plays were a big part of why the Devils ran away for the win with that game and tied the franchise record for a winning streak.