“The stubborn” among us deserve our thanks | Jersey Journal editorial

Before we gather around the table today and give thanks for all the blessings in our lives, we want to agree with a group of people who are always working behind the scenes to improve our communities.

Let’s call them “The Stubborn Ones”.

They’re the people who just won’t give up, sometimes trotting quietly, sometimes making noise – lots of it – when they see injustice and suffering.

They are people like the volunteers and workers behind the scenes who are disrupting disinformation and misinformation to reach enough voters this election season to defeat many of the extremists who have tried to overthrow our government.

They are the Monique Smith-Andrewses, Riaz Wahids and so many others who year after year collect Thanksgiving food and feed the hungry, always hoping their services are no longer needed but always ready to give.

The April Harrises in Hoboken, Sharon Nadrowskis in Bayonne, and the food banks and fundraisers across the country that help ease the pain of hunger and poverty year-round.

The New Jersey Togethers and the Morris Canal Redevelopment Area Community Development Corporations, non-profit organizations that take the fight for the rights of low-income residents to court if necessary.

The Pamela Johnsons and Frank Gilmores, people who don’t wring their hands over crime and violence. They push for opportunities for all to stamp out.

They are the Sam Pesins (Liberty State Park) and Bob Waldens (Braddock Park) who continue a proud tradition of defying those in power no matter how long it takes to fight for open space.

Colin Egans and John Gomezes from Jersey City who know our history and are fighting to preserve it.

Community activists, concerned citizens and horseflies, who trawl through records and show up at government meetings to keep officials at a high level.

And, yes, the local journalists who take their role as government watchdogs seriously.

Like soldiers on the front lines, all these stubborn people defend us by naming wrongs, searching for solutions and refusing to back down.

They were undoubtedly inspired by those who came before them. And they certainly inspire the next generation of activists.

Maybe one day they can rest. Until then thank you


The Jersey Journal wishes all our readers and their families a happy Thanksgiving and safe bank holiday weekend.

We are always grateful to you.

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