8 types of famous New Yorkers that everyone has seen before

The characters you encounter on a typical New York day are usually colorful enough for their own Emmy-winning sitcom. Every once in a while, however, you can spot a real star in town to add some glamor to a mundane Tuesday.

If you’re a true town mouse, you’ve mastered the cool, nonchalant approach many locals have to these sightings, but deep down, nothing beats the joy of spotting a beloved star on the same old sidewalk you dodge the trash. Here are the famous New Yorkers everyone has seen before.

1. The mainstays of the morning show

Morning show hosts have odd hours, so they are rarely seen in the wild. That’s why when you see Al Roker, Kelly Ripa or George Stephanopoulos in your wooded patch, it feels like a heartwarming encounter with a longtime friend. We spend years sipping our morning coffee with their voices in the background, but nothing beats seeing these familiar faces up close.

2. The actors with their own restaurants or bars

Lots of celebrity sightings happen by accident, but here’s a good chance of spotting New York-based stars like Nicholas Braun or Robert De Niro in the acclaimed bars and restaurants they own. 2020, successor‘s Braun and fellow actor Justin Theroux opened Submersible Ray’s on the Lower East Side and attracts a long list of famous visitors who regularly enjoy the ambiance, along with common folk who manage to snag a table. For a fancier evening of stargazing, De Niro’s line of Nobu hotels and sushi restaurants promise glittering feasts for the eyes both on the plate and in the room.

Robert De Niro in His Flynn
Photo: David LeeRobert De Niro in His Flynn

3. The local journalists and politicianss

You know you’re passionate about your city when the highlight of your day is meeting local New Yorkers like Jerry Nadler or Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez at a community event. Ditto if you catch your favorite PIX11 or NY1 reporter in action on the street. Remember to wave to the camera as you walk by!

4. The social niche star

Whether you prefer accounts promoting the best new restaurants or ones sharing city budget hacks, we New Yorkers love to keep up to date. It’s exciting to catch a TikTok star in the middle of filming a future viral hit, but once you’ve seen your favorite local creator do what they love, you can basically call New York your own small town.

5. A real housewife

The Big Apple ladies of Bravo aren’t as Upper East Side as they used to be, so it’s not too far-fetched to see Luann de Lesseps outside of her cabaret show or Sonja Morgan on a break from her endless town house keep. Walk in anyway Real Housewives of New York Cast members at their usual uptown hangouts is practically like stepping into your favorite Guild Pleasure TV show.

Real Housewives of New York City Tour
Photo: Courtesy of Viator

6. The urban legends

If you’re new to New York, you’ve officially been here quite a while if you get past the infamous ones naked cowboy in Times Square. After this milestone, the next step is to track down your neighborhood’s legendary restaurant owner or artist, who always finds a prime spot along Central Park’s Mall Walk.

7. The connoisseurs of the West Village and Brooklyn

When you make a pilgrimage to the outside Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment On Perry Street, there’s a good chance of spotting longtime Village resident Sarah Jessica Parker, her husband Matthew Broderick, and their bevy of famous neighbors. Eagle-eyed fans saw it Andy Cohen reports on overflowing garbage and raved Anderson Cooper’s beautiful fire station turned home. The Village attracts an endless list of stars as a cozy neighborhood and party hotspot, so a Sunday stroll through this labyrinth has great potential for sightings. In an even more relaxed BrooklynWaiting for coffee next to neighbors like Emily Blunt, Ethan Hawke and Maggie Gyllenhaal isn’t uncommon either.

8. Hometown heroes

There’s a special category of celebrities who were born and raised all over New York, whose personalities are so intertwined with the city’s energy that locals can’t help but adore them. Nobody will complain if Ray Romano or Jerry Seinfeld crashes their Comedy Cellar act or if Spike Lee blocks their view at a Knicks game. Anyone who’s spotted a Billy Joel outside of Madison Square Garden might as well have a key to the city.

Spike Lee
Photo: Featureflash photo agency, Shutterstock.com