New York Jets post-game quotes 11/20


Post-match press conference
Sunday 20 November 2022

Q: Can you talk about the second half, specifically the offense, seven possessions, only two total yards.

Q: How are you talking to the team right now? How do you get them through there?

RS: We just have to get back up, we have to show up tomorrow and find ways to get better. That’s it. It’s like I said, whether we won or lost, there are still seven games to play. We have the whole season ahead of us. So we’re still in the thick of it and just need to get back on the horse and get ready for another football game.

Q: There are casualties and then there are gut punches, right?

RS: It doesn’t matter to me if we lose by 1 or 100. These are all gut punches. it’s a loss Yes, it’s a shitty way to lose. You feel like you’re trading shots from both teams defensively and someone could just take a game and take it into overtime. You did a play and we didn’t.

Q: Can you give us your breakdown of the punt return? It looked like there might be a questionable block back there that wasn’t called.

RS: I thought Braden [Mann] did a really good job punting the ball today. He hung one in the middle and that was it.

Q: We spoke to some of the guys in the locker room after the Bills game, specifically on the defensive side of the ball. They immediately pointed to this one who wanted a little revenge after the trail – this week in the dressing room, who said the same thing. These guys conceded three points and it’s still a loss. Worried that this might split the team?

RS: No, no, not at all. no

Q: Why was Zach Wilson in such big trouble today?

RS: We’ll go into the film room and see. Of course we all know that we weren’t good enough. Whether we as coaches have to find a way to help him, whether we just have to go back to basics. I wish I had a better answer for you now. But we will study it again intensively.

Q; This isn’t another game where the passing yards are under 200, the completion rate is under 60. This one’s 40. Is he an offense-holding quarterback right now?

RS: I don’t know, we couldn’t run the ball either, so there’s a lot of things we need to look at to see if we can find some efficiency on offense. Obviously we just didn’t get any further in the second half – I don’t feel like we had a first down. I don’t know if we did. But either way, it just wasn’t good enough. It’s not about pointing fingers at a single person or entity or anything. It’s just finding a way to find the answers so we can start moving the ball, because we made it against Buffalo, we made it against other teams. You just have to find consistency.

Q: What was the thought of third and one there in front of the punt? You had certain options there. You could run out the clock and play overtime if you get a first down there, or try to get a field goal. Losing yards and need to punt?

RS: No, sure. You run the ball, they stuff you and they’ll call a timeout anyway. In our minds we had about 30 seconds left on the clock. We still had a break in hand. We wanted to be aggressive to see if we could get some chunk yardage right there, burn time-outs, see if we could get in field goal range because we still felt like we had a chance, to win the football game. It just didn’t work out the way we wanted it to. We wanted to end the game with the ball. Obviously it would have been in a perfect situation with the ball and a chance to kick it to win it. But it did not work.

Q: Was there a point where you thought you felt an offensive spark that something might be going off?

Q: Have you ever thought of Mike White?

Q: However, if this continues, if Zach keeps fighting, do you have to go to Mike?

RS: No, that’s the first thing that comes to my mind. I’ve told you guys before, Zach is our quarterback and we have to, we have to find ways to help him get better.

Q: What happened to Nate Herbig? And any other injuries from that game?

RS: He just wasn’t comfortable. The inactives had already come out, they came out in pregame and it just didn’t feel good for him. Hopefully we’ll get it back next week.

RS: So Michael [Carter] was OK. He came back. And then there was Echols, he had stuff in store.

Q: Your special teams have been so good all year. There were so many big games coming. How disappointing and surprising is it that they ended up being the ones who let you down?

RS: Yes, I think we stabbed 10 times. They have one, obviously Coach Belichick is, they have one of the better units over time and if you make a mistake they will make you pay for it and we made a mistake on a punt and couldn’t get it down.

Q: Did you have any idea by the way the game went that someone was going to make a mistake, whoever is blinking here is going to be the one who –

RS: It’s all these games. When you’re in a tight game like this and someone either blinks or you go into overtime and it ends in a tie or whatever it is, that’s how both attacks worked – or both defenses played.

Q: What can you say about how the defense played today to keep you in the game?

RS: I thought the defense was excellent. I thought our D line was over it. We missed a few duels in the first half. But the sequence, you know, we had the penalty and then the sack to make it a tough field goal, which I really, really liked from the defense towards the end of the half. Then we just couldn’t capitalize on their good game.

Q: Can you tell what went wrong with the running game?

RS: They’re really good up front. They’ve been one of the best defenses in football for the last six or seven games and today showed why.

Q: The CBS cameras filmed a couple of times – once Zach went to Mims and got a little off. And Garrett was, it seemed like he was loudly saying something to Zach and throwing his hands up as well. And Denzel too, if you went up a bit. Do you even worry about frustrations building in receivers when the offense doesn’t work?

RS: In the heat of the moment there will always be frustration and you try to talk about it and find a way to make it right. I don’t think it indicates otherwise.