Progressive activists are preparing a campaign to counter the GOP majority in the House of Representatives

The effort comes as Republicans, who won a historically small majority in the House of Representatives last week, are struggling to overcome their divisions and figure out how to govern. Democrats are prepared to do as much as possible to upset the delicate balance Mr. McCarthy must strike should he win the speakership to keep his troubled ranks in check.

The new liberal groups intend to work with other, more established organizations that are also preparing for showdowns with the majority of the new House of Representatives and believe their experience policing Republicans in recent years will prove an asset. At the same time, the Biden administration and Democratic lawmakers are preparing for the attack, bringing in human resources experts, communications specialists, and investigative attorneys to help respond to the Republican effort.

“We’re more ready than I feel we were before,” said Lisa Gilbert, the executive vice president of watchdog group Public Citizen, which is part of an existing coalition called Not Above the Law that has focused on what it is views as abuses of power by former President Donald J. Trump and his allies. “We know the playbook well.”

Mr McCarthy’s office did not respond to a request for comment on the upcoming campaign. But Republicans are aware that well-funded groups on the left will do whatever they can to foment opposition to the new majority.

In an appearance on Fox News on Sunday, Mr. McCarthy made it clear that if he can secure the votes to become Speaker, a tall order he has, he would not be deterred from leading an ambitious majority in the House of Representatives a wafer-thin voting margin is met by the extreme right and the party. He argued that other House Republicans should rally around him so they could implement their proposed legislation and plans to bring the spotlight to the Biden administration.

“All the work we want to do – from launching the investigations to rebuilding our economy to securing our border – none of it can move forward without us walking on the ground, having the voice of the spokesman and making the rules work together in and as one,” said Mr. McCarthy.

While the left spent months organising, researching and plotting the opposition, the surprisingly close contest for majority and continued uncertainty over which party would prevail provided a brief glimmer of hope among its allies Democrats could hold the house and their jobs reset. But with the issue resolved, they say they are now ready to move forward.